Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7

October - amazing that so much time has passed. I passed Tom's birthday and the anniversary of his death. It was intentional. I was clothed in memories and unable to focus my heart for writing.

This was a hard time two years ago and it is a hard time now. Learning to live without Tom and without the income I was used to. It really was a double whammy. IT would be easier to live without the money if Tom were here. But he isn't. And - neither is the money.

Tom would not be happy with me right now. My budget is in a shambles, my house matches it, and I am not living for Christ as I should be. I don't like the idea that Tom would not be pleased with me. It is time to straighten things out and live according to God's Word. It is time to worship Him and not money.

It is time.