Sunday, May 22, 2011


Children splashing in a pool
Laughter of families - together
The hum of a refrigerator
All things that fill my ears today.
But I hear more.
I hear without my ears
My heart takes over
And sounds fill the room.
I 'hear' my husband's love in the walls of my home.
Even in death - he provided for me.
Love yells out from pictures
Smiles long gone but forever preserved.
My heart hears them.
My heart hears the laughter that was captured in that simple smile
I hear more.
God speaks his love in the wind, the hum of life filling this house,
the laughter of children, the gentle whine of a dog longing for her master's lap.
I hear it.
I am loved.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Listen intently
Still your breathing
Quiet your beating heart
Can you hear it?
Are the words floating into your soul
Silence unneeded thoughts
Cease the endless activity
Can you hear it?
The words drift quietly on the wind
Floating like a flutterby in the breeze
God speaks this way
Hello my child.
I love you.
You are mine.

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Quiet Now!

It's quiet now. The day ebbs slowly away. I love the day and grieve its loss. Yet, the night shadows bring their own peace.

Prayers take wing for those I love, for those I hear of, those I see. The peace of night brings calm to my heart. Prayer is easier then. Prayer for others.

When the day is high, pain is steady, and my heart beats swift and sure - the prayers are my own. Prayers for peace. Prayers for hope. Prayers for God's arms to hold me close.

It's quiet now.

thank you

thank you
words with meaning I have never known before
thank you
for being my strength
for being a friend
thank you
for words that lift and alieve
thank you
for strength that fills my heart and keeps it beating through the pain.
Thank you
A meal says so little
but it carries my words
Thank you
For my life

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Words long past and returned

The wind has come again. Some clouds linger but my grief and pain are lessened with each voice carried in not so silent breezes. "Be blessed" shivers in the moving leaves. "We are here" echoes in the silent hallway. "You are not alone" lifts the kites toward heaven. "I have been there before" whispers in the gentle sway of the grasses.

There have been times passed when I wanted to be a breeze - a breathe of air - a baby's sneeze. These words have been written before. Could it have been the ideas of others floating around me in the ocean scented breeze? Are our thoughts and prayers forwarded to us by God's great creation - the wind?

Let my prayers be sent out in such a way. "I am here" "You are loved" "God is with you"

Monday, May 9, 2011

clouds and wind

The clouds came in with the wind.
The darkness they shared was welcome to me.
It matched the darkness in my heart today.
I don't want them to blow away.
It is my time
My time to feel my pain
My time to hurt and weep
My time to die inside
It is my time
The clouds will not stay forever
The pain will flee before the winds of time
But when?
will that wind blow today?
will it be a day - a week - a month?
My pain is the clouds -
Let the wind blow