Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Words long past and returned

The wind has come again. Some clouds linger but my grief and pain are lessened with each voice carried in not so silent breezes. "Be blessed" shivers in the moving leaves. "We are here" echoes in the silent hallway. "You are not alone" lifts the kites toward heaven. "I have been there before" whispers in the gentle sway of the grasses.

There have been times passed when I wanted to be a breeze - a breathe of air - a baby's sneeze. These words have been written before. Could it have been the ideas of others floating around me in the ocean scented breeze? Are our thoughts and prayers forwarded to us by God's great creation - the wind?

Let my prayers be sent out in such a way. "I am here" "You are loved" "God is with you"

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