Friday, June 17, 2011

Is it possible?

Is it possible? I wouldn't have thought it - but - it seems to be true. I am alive. I always thought that if something happened it would be to me. You would go on and I would wait for you. But here I am - and you are waiting for me.

Is it possible? Life has continued for all these months without stopping. Day follows night. Night follows day. The world keeps spinning and life goes on. It should not be so. But - it is.

Is it possible? Joy has found its way to the surface more than once. I have caught myself laughing and playing. Joy is not lost on me. Is it possible that I have moved on with the days and nights that have passed since you left?

Night follows day. Day follows night. I am still here. You are not. Is that possible? No - it is not possible. I can not let it be so. You were the focus of my life. Now - my life is blurry and hard to see. Except - there are moments......

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