Saturday, February 11, 2012

The sky is gray with clouds. Dark and light in uneven patterns that have been shaped by the winds that blow them. So like my life and my dreams. Combinations of dark and light, patterned by the events of years that have moved through and passed by.

Life was never pure light or total darkness. It has always been in patterns and combinations of them both. Days have come when light has been the defining portion. Joy filtered through moments and events. Laughter was ever present among even the tears. Looking back - you were the light. You brought the joy and laughter into my life. You filled it with your presence which pushed the darkness aside. Life's patterns of dark and light were brightened by you.

Now - the darkness returns. Your presence is not there to push it aside and bring light into my day. The patterns are darker. But not as they were before you. Your memory lives in me. It is that remembrance that continues to lighten the darkness. It is my turn to push the darkness aside. Your love makes it possible. My love for you. The future brings new patterns of dark and light. I push for the light. I push toward you.

I miss you. There are no other words to express it. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

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