Sunday, August 2, 2015

How does one say it? I was wrong- I was right - I was conffused?

This is the crazy women I have become. Sometimes - I just have to let go and let God. This is my rainbow hair

This is my Zoe girl. Joe and Amanda made me the proudest grandmother in the world. How could I expect more than perfection. But I'll tell you a secret - she isn't perfect. Her educational may have great struggles and pain.

 She is perfect for all who know her but we are aware of the struggles ahead in her learning. Could be love her less.  NOT A CHANCE!

This is Amanda right after giving birth to our precious Zoe. Look at the joy in Amanda's face. She loves this bundle of absolute joy. She is such a great mother. I admire her so much.

Mom and I went to Alaska one summer. Learned more about how much I love and need my mother than about Alaska..

 My 60th birthday...Friends and High Tea. Nothing could have been done better. How I love the women who put this together for me. God bless them all. High Tea, Queen Victoria, Old Boston, all interests of mine.

 This is where I begin the new part of the blog. Finding the joys in my life. Don't think that the pain of losing Tom has gone away. It hasn't. Just someday it blend with the joys of the day.

                                               Grandpa Weyant - We both love you.

Good Night All.

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