Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Anniversay - Saturday - April 9

Tommy, it has been 30 years. Remember that day? The dress was ruined by the seamstress - so I wore Sally's dress. It was late getting to the church - so I fell apart. You wore your uniform. I still see you standing - waiting for me- at the alter.

I remember the ivy that hung from my beautiful Sweat Pea bouquet. It was shaking back and forth as I walked toward you. It was funny. You almost set my veil on fire with the covenent candle. That was funny too.

I remember your father - he told you that if you ever hurt me - he would kill you. That must have been his way of welcoming me to the family. You never hurt me. Your life made mine more complete. Your love saved me over and over again.

I remember the beautiful cake my Aunt Wilma made. She made two of the layers with my grandmother's spice cake recipe. You didn't care for spice cake. You loved this. It was a part of my past and you wanted to be a part of every part of me.

I remember the beginning of our honeymoon. The hotel gave away our reservation. We finally found a room but we were so tired - we laid on the bed watching TV and drinking a glass of wine until we slept.

I remember having to go the DMV the very next day because my drivers license was going to expire. That's what happens when you get married 3 days before your birthday. It was strange to sign my name 'Weyant' instead of 'Stewart'. Strange - but wonderful.

I remember walking the beach with you knowing that in 7 days - you would be going out to sea and not come back for 6 months. I remember. I will always remember. This time it will be more than 6 months before I see you again. Maybe we can walk together again.

I remember.

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