Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meatloaf and Rings

Meat, veggies, egg, cheese - all in a bowl
I take off my ring and set it in a dish on the windowsill
Suddenly, I am back in time

Sitting in an interview with Tom
An interview for his license with the Assemblies of God.
He was so nervous
As was I

"Mrs. Weyant, I notice that you are not wearing a wedding ring and your husband is.
Is there a reason for that?"

I look at my hand and realize the ring isn't there.
"Yes", I respond. "I was preparing a meatloaf.
When I do that, I take the ring off and set it in a heart shaped dish in the windowsill.
I don't want it to get covered in meat and egg.
When I am done, I put it back on. We were in a hurry, I must have forgotten...."

Never forgotten...

Little reminders
Voices long past
Whispers of hope
Till I see you - at last.

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