Sunday, March 25, 2012

Moods and Mama

It has been a moody up and down kind of weekend. Had trouble last week also. It has taken me completely by surprise that it has been two years since Mama died. My mother-in-law was one of the greatest women. She knew how to enjoy life regardless of what it threw at her. She survived polio twice. She lived the last years of her life in horrible pain. Her shoulder replacement hurt every time she moved it. She had a new knee, a bar in her wrist, and, at the end, had her right arm rebuilt by an awesome surgeon after a fall in my home destroyed it.

Mama laughed. She knew joy in each breath. Her favorite birthday was the Star Wars party (She was 88). I loved her. Through her I was able to smile even when going to work became unbearable torture. She was there when I got home. She and Tom made life special. She loved me and called me her daughter. I was. I am.

Mama died 2 years ago this past Friday. Friday the 23rd day of March 2012.

I remember you! Thank you for loving me.

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