Saturday, May 12, 2012

A New Plant

It has been almost a month since I have written here. Although there has been much in life I could have written on, it has not been the right moment. Now it is.

It has been over 19 months since I lost Tom and 25 months since I lost mom. Unless God intervenes, it won't be long before I lose my eldest brother to colon cancer. With that said, it is not death I wish to write about. It is life. Beyond death, there has begun a new life that is just beginning to break surface and grow. This life, like the flowers of spring, began below ground - where eyes could not see. The roots, the very substance of the plant grows there. Life sustaining nutrients are drawn into the plant from those roots. Water - food - life.

As those roots grew - I grew stronger. Although I could not see what was happening, it was there - growing, pushing down into the soil all around me. Now, finally, a small shoot has broken ground. It is very small and very fragile. It needs protecting from the storms that come against it. Only in time, will I see what is growing - for now - I must accept that this small plant is my life - my future.

Oh God - bring life to me. Protect my life and my dreams. Keep me alive and filled with you over the years that come.

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