Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Morning - 2 am

Father God,

You are the only one who been able to see and know me since my birth. You know what is in me - deep inside where only you can see. You know those things that have been kept hidden in darkness. Darkness that is dispelled by the light of Your love.

Thank you for loving me. Tom knew you did. Tom loved you more than life itself. He was not afraid to share you with anyone. He would have shouted Your love from the housetops if he had been able to climb a ladder. Instead - he shouted it from where he was. To his last days - sharing You and praying for others was his joy.

Let that love for sharing Your WORD, Your love, Your hope - now fill me more than ever. Let me take your message where Tom can no longer go.

I praise You Lord. I thank You for all you have done for me. All you have done for Joe and Manda. For all that You have done for this world. Thank you.

Tell Tommy that I love him and understand him more than ever before.

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