Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7

A month has passed since I last posted. Maybe it's time to quit and move on. Maybe not. Sometimes I get tired of feeling, thinking, writing, posting. All of the time - I am tired and not sure why. But there are things I do know.

1. I am alive.
2. I am happy to wake up each morning at least 90% of the time.
3. God is faithful even when I am not.
4. Zoe is the most beautiful granddaughter in the world.
5. Amanda is an amazing daughter-in-love.
6. Joseph loves being a daddy and is very good at it.
7. The people I work with are the best.
8. My students bring me joy 90% of the time.(Sometimes they plain driving me crazy.
9. I love to create quilts.
10. I am not so good at sewing them.
11. My quilts/blankets are a work of the heart.
12. My great niece and nephew - Damian and Addison are dear to my heart.
13. My house is great.
14. My friends make me smile.
15. My sisters make me smile - all of them. Sue, Mary, Sally, Alberta, Sandy, Jacquie.
16. My brothers are pretty cool. Both of them - Tom and Bob
17. Losing my brother Clinton has put a dent in my heart.
18. I have way too many clothes.
19. I love teaching.
20. I am getting older and liking it.
21. I miss Tommy.
22. I miss Mama. Tom's mother.
23. I miss Daddy.
24. I miss Grandpa and Grandma Gray - still.
25. There will come a day when Christ will return and I will get to go home with those I miss. That will be a day of rejoicing for many.

More to follow.

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