Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18

Closed my Facebook page today.
People upset me and I want to tell them what I think - and that would rip apart a family. Giving up my fun is better than giving up my family.

I can't go back into a classroom of children again. Even thinking about them and the silly mistakes we all make with them, makes me cry. Can't people see that the thoughtlessness they show to these wonderful special kids can last a lifetime in the mind and heart of the child.

Maybe I should give up on life itself. Nobody understands the pain of watching these kids when people inadvertently hurt them. I love them all - I love them. Can't handle them being hurt.
These are kids who have been injured by the thoughtless remarks of others. Children who have been brought to tears by careless 'caring' adults.These are my kids. One is like a 12 year old  in a 3 year old body. People gasped when they saw her lack of hair. She knew what they were thinking about. One, had a rebuilt face. You don't think he knew when people looked away it was because of his weird features? He was a smart kid. One, went on to become a speaker at his 8th grade commencement.  People hurt them - without ever trying.

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