Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ocean Waves

Grief - like the waves of the ocean - comes
The waves crash on the broken shore of my heart
Then leave - taking me piece by piece in the crush of the receding waters.
Tides of grief have no schedule, no pattern, no predictor
There is no way to prepare for the huge waves the hurdle toward the shores of my life.
The tides of grief were so close together - lasted so long - never thought to survive the onslaught.
Time has slowed the changing tides. More low tides, more peaceful waters.
But I know, the crashing, crushing, destructive waves will return again.
Once more I will ride the waves onto the shore, maybe one day - I will ride on top of the wave - free to enjoy the wind in my face, sunshine glistening on the water. One day - One day

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