Monday, November 28, 2011

No Butt On My Dirt

There are days that stick out in my mind. We were hiking back East. Tom fell and slid a bit. He got up quickly, brushed himself off, and said, "There's no butt on my dirt". We never let him forget. The way to make even a tense moment lighter and more fun. Tom had a way of making even the darkest moment seem brighter and more possible.

Sweet dreams fill me. He swirls like clouds being blown and tossed by the wind. Swirls of his face move around me like autumn leaves at season's end, caressing and soothing my aching heart. His hands reach out over time and space and touch my face with a gentle love. He is here - always. His memory is part of me and fills me with joy. But the joy is always tinged with the sadness that reality brings. He is gone and will never walk on this earth again.But we will walk together in God's kingdom. I will see him as God created him. What a joy to look forward to.

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