Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter or Summer

What would winter be without cold? Or summer without heat? Would they still be winter and summer? Though the temperature changes - the season would be the season it was - only different.

Children would not fly down hills on sleds or skate on ponds frozen by winter's rage. Yet - they would find things to do. They could fish in that self same pond. They could roll down the sledding hill feeling the grass tickle their bare legs and arms.

Were cold to come where summer dwelt - children would find things to do as well. They may not swim in a pool or run under waterfalls in the park - but they would be busy. They would bundle in their coats and go find cold things to do. They might sit before a fireplace and play a game.

Life would be different - but still life. People would adjust as people do to the changing of times.

What is my life without Tom? Is it not my life any longer - or is it just a different life? Winter or Spring - Life or Death. Still, whatever happens around me - I am myself. This is my life. I will adjust as all people do.

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