Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Mice

Making Christmas Mice for the staff snack day tomorrow. What ever possessed me to agree to make these. I had forgotten how much a part of these included Tom. He sorted almonds for the ears. Such a tedious job - he didn't mind. It made things so much easier for me.

Making them tonight - I am almost lost. Mom loved to help put them together. She enjoyed life so much. Her giggles were a delight. My second Christmas without she and Tom. I know they are celebrating in Heaven but I miss them here. Why does this have to be so hard this year?

If only I could run away and hide from it all - but I can't. This is my life now. They're both gone and I must accept that. In fact, I do. They are both better off now than they were here. I am just lonely for them. It seems to be harder this year than last?

My best friend - I love you. Mama - you too. You are so missed.

This crying has got to stop.

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