Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Invisible Wind

Did the wind blow today? Though it was never felt things blew away. My peace, my energy. So tired and so sick.

When I started back to school it was to become a teacher. The first years that's what I was. It wasn't the best situation but I was a teacher. Right now - I feel like a revolving door. Too many kids to do the job I was hired to do. So much I want to do with them - so much to teach them. I love my kids. But today - the wind of tired blew away the covering that hid my sadness and grief. I have lost so much this past year - and today - I realized that I've also lost my dream.

My dream - a classroom of kids that needed to learn. Time to teach them. My class. Now - I don't have a class - I have two. One that looks to me for education and love. One that comes and goes with that invisible wind. I want to be a teacher again.

Good school. Good staff. Smiles and laughter. Just sick and sad.

That old invisible wind. It is still here. What will it bring? What will it take?

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