Friday, December 23, 2011

3:30 pm

Well, Christmas music on. I haven't gotten a lot accomplished but I feel better. Had lunch with Mom and sister, massage, and took care of some laundry. Time to finish kitchen, clean hall bath, and watch a Christmas movie.

I know that the feelings that weigh me down aren't forever. It just seems, sometimes, like they won't ever go away. Remembering Tom has gotten to be as much a part of me as breathing. Some days remembering him brings great joy and peace. Other days, it brings tears.

Tom loved Christmas as much I did. Some day - I will again. However, this is not that day. I am doing better than I was at 10:30 but not as well as I will this time next year.

Thank you Father God for taking Tom into your Kingdom. It gives me great peace to know that he is safe in your presence. As much I want him with me - he is better off with You. Hug him for me.

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