Monday, August 13, 2012

August 12

Can't sleep tonight.

Can you hear me Tom?
Can you see what I have become?
Have you whispered in my ear and I missed it?
Did you talk to God about me today?
Can you hear me Tom?
I miss you.
Missing the warmth of your body as it lays next to mine at night.
Missing the soft touch that could thrill me.
Missing your gentleness that got me through the tough days.
Missing you.

Can you hear Tom?
Did you know that Clint died?
Did you know how little and how much it hurt?
Talk to God for me,
Tell Him I need hope.
I need prayer.
I need you.
Can you hear me Tom?
Needing you so desperately.
Needing you to be by my side - urging me forward.
Needing you to listen to my heart cry.
Needing you.

I love you.

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