Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15

It was a long day.

My classroom is almost ready and I will have my lessons prepared by Monday. It is truly exciting to be going back for another school year. Although I enjoy summers, too much time on my hands makes me depressed. I am not focused enough to clean the house and organize clutter. No - I belong in the classroom.

Two years ago, Tom and I went to Chuys after such a day. He was having trouble with his leg. I said, "Let me see". He picked up his leg and put in on the bench beside me. It was huge. This was the beginning of the struggle with his last blood clot. We went to the ER and they admitted him. The doctor was an asshole. So rude and condescending. Tom almost got up to pound on him. He kept calling me 'sweetie'. I hate that term. I am an educated woman and don't need to be spoken down to by someone who struggles with speaking English. Tom - protective to the end.

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