Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31

The last day of the month. The count down begins. Tom died one month from tomorrow at 11:25 pm. I was laying by his side on the bed. He stopped breathing and I knew. I knew. Life ended one month from tomorrow two years ago.

Two years ago - Tom was in the hospital. He had a blood clot but was now in rehab. He was doing so well. We thought he might die - but he wasn't. He was going to live. He was so happy to know that he would be going home in a week. One week. He was stronger, walking with his walker again. Laughing. Living.

Two years ago - I was a happy woman. There was stress to look forward to but a husband in my home and in my bed. Tommy - my love and my best friend.

Two years ago - life was difficult - but it was good.

Two years ago.

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