Saturday, October 29, 2011

For Tom

Dear Tom,
It been too long since I have been able to talk to you in person. My great prayer is that you are able to see your son from Heaven. He is doing so well. I know that you would be so proud of him. He is such a good husband to Amanda. He loves her so much. It is good to know that he is there for me as well. He is a strength when I am feeling lost. Our Savior is here, of course, but so is your son. You did such a good job teaching him how to be a good father, husband, and son. Please know, that I am proud of you.
While life is not perfect - it never was - it is good. Work is a place of joy. I truly love the people I work with. They are wonderful men and women. You would enjoy them. They laugh a lot and work harder than I have ever known a group of teachers to work. They are awesome.
I am happy Tommy. For once in my life - I don't feel the need to depend on others all the time. You taught me much. The lessons took awhile to sink in but, they were learned. There is so much that I am able to do that I never thought I could. I live. Although my life is now without you - I am OK. You taught me that there is nothing that can not be handled with the Lord's help. When doubt fills me - Jesus empties the doubt and fills me with himself. Thank you Tommy.
I love you

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