Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Sad Day?

Today is a bit of a hard day. I am taking one of the dogs to the vet to be evaluated because of behavior changes. She doesn't like men and that is ok with me. I can put her out or in her bed when men are going to be in the house. Lately - it is different. She has bitten me twice, attacked the other dog in the house, and went after a friend (female) last night. I don't trust her any more. This is a major insurance issue and safety issue for people in my house. What if she gets out? If she bites someone I can't pretend to be surprised and say she has never done it before. She has. She has bitten a couple of people other than me in the past. I am not sure I am prepared for the pain if I have to put her down. Too many losses already this year. But what if she hurts someone? As small as she is - it is possible to do great damage with those teeth of hers. God help me.

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