Tuesday, December 21, 2010

God's Love - with skin on it.

We live in a strange society. As empty and painfilled as I am - there is nothing I would not give to feel strong arms around me - holding me - comforting me. But our society has made this almost impossible. Men don't touch women - women don't touch men. We fear society's love affair with legal action. Whatever happened to letting ourselves be used to express God's love for others? A hug does not have to be - was never intended to be - a sexual invitation. It was/is meant to share comfort, strength, and friendship.

A friend once called a hug - God's love - with skin on it. When did we become so afraid to share this with others? The emptiness in my heart is so huge, so painful and there is nothing to change it - no one to ease it. When did hugs become a sin or a crime? I miss my friends from CREDO who would welcome me, ease my sadness, or simply show their love - with strong arms enfolding me. There is no more compassion in our society that is not dictated by legal action or fear of it. I need a father/friend right now. I love my female friends who share hugs sometimes. But something in me is calling for a dad. The strength and protection of a father. Instead - I am alone still.

Was Jesus afraid to touch people? I think not.

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