Friday, December 31, 2010

Going Nuts for Love

It isn't what it sounds like. I took my daughter-in-love to pick out her Christmas present - a bike. I wanted her with me so that she could pick what she wanted and what would fit her well. If Tom were here - he would have taken her to the local cycle shop and let her pick what she wanted. Price would not have mattered. It's what I did. The bike she picked was perfect for her. Hot pink, basket on the front, comfortable. After she rode off home and Joe took off to follow her, I talked to Tom.

I did what Tom would have done and it made me cry. Missing him has not stopped. I don't cry all the time - but days like today make me miss him so much. He would have made wise cracks about the bike and had everybody laughing. He knew how to make life fun. He went nuts for love. We were one person. So today - I went nuts for love. I love him and I love her.

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